ProTee HD Projection Screen

ProTee HD Projection Screen


Stock Size 430cm x 310cm (14′ x 10′)



ProTee HD Projection Screen

ProTee HD Projection Screen STOCK SIZE: 430cm wide X 310cm high (14.10′ wide X 10.17′ high)
Custom size screens are possible. Please enter your size in the details.

NOTE: The production time for custom size screens is 2 weeks.

Seamless height is max 310cm (10.17′)
Absorbes ball impact
Reduces impact sound
Low noise
Double sided (2 layers: screen can be turned if one side is damages or has staines from ball impacts)
Grommets/Eylets on top in the corners and every other +/- 30cm (12″)
Grommets/Eylets on the sides every other +/- 15cm (6″)
No Grommets/Eylets on the bottom
We make impact screens in ANY size! for ANY Golf Simulator!

ProTee HD Projection Screen Hanging Instructions

We recommend hanging at least 12 inches / 30 cm away from the rear wall.

The screen as eyelets at top corners spaced 12 inches / 30 cm

Attach the screen via the eyelets using rubber bungees like these 

Allow the screen to have 8 inches / 20 cm of travel when the ball strikes the screen.


Make sure your golf balls are in clean and good condition and replace before any rough surfaces and nicks or damage starts to appear.

Dont use advertising golf balls as corporate logo’s / messages are printed after ball manufacture and the inks can transfer to your screen.





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