We are looking for dealerships to join the ProTee USA Team

Your Benefits:

  • Sales support via our dedicated reseller management.
  • Product support via our dedicated reseller management and ProTee USA second line help desk.
  • Being a part and member of the great ProTee USA brand.
  • Great product margin with lots of up-selling opportunities.
  • Your Customers’ Benefits:
  • Convenience – However having a solid brand with local presence at their service.
  • Above all local Support – Support in their own language via direct contact, mail and phone.

What is our Product:

The ProTee Golf Simulator is state-of-the-art and having undergone over 10 years of development. However it offers features beyond those of other systems costing 10 times as much. High speed optical sensors track the club head and ball to give an unparalleled realistic ball flight.

In conclusion – How the reseller program works:

ProTee USA is looking to create successful alliances with golf services / attributes providers who are determined to offer the best services to their customers and wants to in addition:

  • Offer more value to their customers;
  • Stand out with the quality of service they provide;
  • Increase revenue with minimal of costs;
  • Become one of our first allies in an ambitious market;
  • Get actively involved in reselling the Golf Simulator Products that ProTee USA offers;
  • Have a solid focus in selling our Golf Simulator (not one of the many products listed in the brochure).

What is your role:

  • Above all to provide a great service and support to your customers in their own language.
  • To actively search for new customers in your geographical area.
  • Spread out our brand in your area.
  • In other words being our local office in your area.

Join our reseller program now and become apart of ProTee Dealerships network.

Step into the world of golf simulation now;
With minimal start-up costs;

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